Management Team

Nursing Resources is guided by an impressive group of individuals whose combined experience is over 100 years at the management level. The executive/management team includes:

Mehtap “Emmie” Turan, MA
President & CEO  Ms. Turan is the Administrator and the CEO of the agency. Prior to coming on board with Nursing Resources, she has successfully started and managed a number of companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a graduate degree from University of California, Berkeley. She has served on the boards of number of organizations and is an active member of the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH).
Khalid A. Baig, MD
Medical Director  Dr. Baig is the Medical Director of Nursing Resources. He also serves on the agency’s Board of Directors and the Professional Advisory Committee. He is a tireless advocate of quality patient care. He has an impressive portfolio, including the Chief of Staff position at the Washington Hospital in Fremont, California, and a number of publications.
Jaspreet Ragbotra - Director of Nursing Jaspreet Ragbotra
Director of Nursing

Administrative Staff

Sorojini Singh - Billing CoordinatorSorojini Singh
Billing Coordinator
Sawastika Simalal - Intake CoordinatorSawastika Simalal
Intake Coordinator
Elvin Kishore - HR CoordinatorElvin Kishore
HR Manager
Dilek Akman - Media Relations CoordinatorDilek Akman
Media Relations Coordinator
Renee Mcginis - Staffing CordinatorRenee Mcginis
Staffing Cordinator
Selda Ilter - PIC & QA ImprovementSelda Ilter
PIC & QA Improvement
Seberongel Dulutaoch - Coding SpecialistSeberongel Dulutaoch
Coding Specialist


Clinical Team

Raufat Ikharo - Clinical Case ManagerRaufat Ikharo
Clinical Case Manager
Ellyse Rivera - Clinical Case ManagerEllyse Rivera
Clinical Case Manager
Katherine Ballinger - Clinical Case ManagerKatherine Ballinger
Clinical Case Manager
Patricia Hyslop - Clinincal Case ManagerPatricia Hyslop
Clinical Case Manager
Jane Bellasbach - Clinincal Case ManagerJane Bellasbach
Clinical Case Manager
Ozlem Ucar - Clinical Case ManagerOzlem Ucar
Clinical Case Manager