Hospice Care

Comfort and Care

Hospice Care serves people with life-limiting conditions, offering a coordinated, unique care plan that includes physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support to help patients focus on living fully and comfortably. Hospice helps terminally ill people, together with their physician, family, friends and clergy, face the end of life together and enhance their quality of life, even as death nears. Above all, we respect the right of terminally ill people to choose how and where they live and die.

What Hospice Provides

The needs of terminally ill people and their caregivers can be diverse, and may seem overwhelming. Hospice helps make those needs more manageable by providing:

  • Expert and compassionate clinical care
  • Personal care and comfort measures
  • State-of-the-art pain and symptom management
  • Rest and relief for family members
  • Spiritual and emotional support for patients and caregivers
  • Personal services such as housekeeping, running errands, meal preparation, reading and writing letters, etc.
  • Bereavement services to help survivors cope with loss

Who is Eligible for Hospice?

People of all ages and circumstances are referred to the Nursing Resources Hospice Program by physicians, caregivers, nursing home staff, or by patients themselves. Hospice is offered to anyone whose life expectancy is limited and for whom a cure is not anticipated or sought. It is understood that:

  • Hospice care is focused on symptom relief and comfort care, not a cure.
  • The patient, primary caregiver(s), and the patient’s physician agree to the support of Hospice care.

We understand the sensitive nature of needing hospice care. Give us a call, and we can help guide you through the hospice care process.